Farmers Markets near Knightdale

Farmers markets in Knightdale are great places to buy local goods and foods, including arts and crafts from local vendors. You can also find great prices at these markets, saving you a bundle you’d be spending on frozen and processed foods in the supermarket.

At the State Farmers Market next door in Raleigh, you’ll find a great place to buy local goods such as farm fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as market fresh seafood. All products are served in-season, and the market is open year round from 5 am to 6 pm on Monday through Saturday and 8 am to 6 pm on Sunday. The market also has restaurants serving fresh local foods and seafood for your enjoyment.

The vendors at the Raleigh Downtown Farmers Market are farmers, bakers, ranchers, fishermen, cheese makers, nurserymen, and producers of specialty foods from all over North Carolina.

If you want to buy local products, farmers markets in Knightdale are the best places to do it. You’ll find you save money while getting fresher merchandise and more original, unique arts and crafts from local vendors. What this means is that all sides benefit from your decision to shop at local farmers markets.

photo courtesy of RDFM_TW

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